MEGA Downloader V1.08 (100% TESTED) - NO QUOTA/ NO LIMIT/ DOWNLOAD Big size TRICKS


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Good day mga ka SikatPinoy

Share ko lang po on How to remove DOWNLOAD LIMIT on MEGA and download as much content as you like;

link ==>
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PM me for the zipped pass;
When decompressing RAR you will find 4 files like the ones you see in the following screenshot (DO NOT remove any)
Don't worry if the versions are not updated, with these files it works up to date!:

Step 1: We are going to install MegaDownloader by running the corresponding exe as administrator and
choosing to create a shortcut on the desktop, accept ToS to allow the app to be installed
(if any web link is opened, closing it is not necessary).
We close installer or app if we open it.

Step 2: We execute the Psiphon.exe file and connect it as seen in the following screenshot
(if any web link is opened, closing it is not necessary).

Step 3: We open MegaDownloader from the shortcut that we have created on the desktop.

Step 4: We copy the MEGA link that we want to download to the clipboard.
If we did not do it before, it is advisable to have it written in a notepad and then select it and copy it.

Step 5: As you will see, a window will automatically open in MegaDownloader with the MEGA link,
there we must write a name and choose a path for the download and click on add links.

Step 6: If the download speed is slow, we must wait a few minutes after the file begins to download
and proceed to disconnect Psiphon.

We will see that the MegaDownloader download pauses for a few seconds
and then continues downloading at the speed of our Internet connection with our ISP!

1.png 2.png 3.png 3.1.png 4.png

5.png 6.1.png

1.jpg 2.jpg


TIPS: You can also change the VPN region to speed up the download,
but it has worked for me in the way that I have told you, simply by disconnecting it.

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