The Principle and Application of North Finder


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As a key technology of navigation system, north-seeking technology is not only widely used in satellite, missile, artillery, ship inertial navigation and other fields, known as attitude measurement and national defense high-tech field, but also in geophysical exploration, coal mining, Geodetic surveying and other fields are also widely used.
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is one of the important equipments using north-seeking technology, and it has also become a necessary measurement method.

The north finder can complete the data reception of gyroscope, accelerometer and external GPS, system error compensation calculation, navigation scheme, and send real-time navigation information such as speed, position and attitude through the monitoring port in a specified period. At the same time, it is a dynamic working mode with high precision and high reliability. It provides information about the movement, speed and position of the vehicle. It is suitable for missile launch, weapon aiming, radar, antenna, vehicle and other dynamic initial calibration, static initial calibration, direction control and other objects.

Dynamic north finding refers to the use of the dynamic effect of the interaction between the rotation of the gyro and the rotation of the earth, such as the gyro compass and the gyro theodolite. Motion north-seeking refers to north-seeking by measuring the horizontal component of the angular velocity of the earth’s rotation through a gyroscope, and the earth rotates around the earth at a constant self-reflection angular velocity ωe. For a point on the Earth of dimension φ, the Earth’s angular velocity at that point can be decomposed into two components: the horizontal component ωe1 = ωecosφ, which points to true north along the Earth’s meridian, and the vertical component ωe2 = ωesinφ, which goes vertically upward along the Earth’s vertical line. Using inertial technology to measure the horizontal component of the angular velocity of the earth’s rotation, the north information of the measured point on the earth can be obtained. Strapdown north-seeking gyroscopes fall into this category.

The principle of ERICCO’s fiber optic north finder
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is to use the strapdown compass effect to find the true north direction. The composition is composed of three-axis gyroscope, three-axis acceleration sensor, data acquisition and processing module, secondary power supply, optocoupler isolation input and output serial port circuit and other related structural components. The closed-loop fiber optic gyroscope is used as the core component. It mainly consists of an inertial measurement unit (IMU), a digital signal processing unit, and an organization of mechanical components. It can provide the true north azimuth for the carrier.
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